Is this food poisoning?!


Is this food poisoning?

On Saturday night I accidently ate an undercooked hamburger that my mom made. She undercooked it purposely and told me to microwave it for 30 seconds when im ready to eat it so it will be hot and not overcooked whenever i want to eat. I did as she said but the middle was undercooked. I puke alot, I cannot eat, I have a fever, I sneeze and cough, I have diarrea, I have a runny nose, I often feel cold even though I have a sweater and three blankets on, I have stomach aches, head aches, and cramps. Is this food poisoning? If not, what is it?


Sounds like food poisoning (cramps, sweats, vomiting)

It should pass in a few days but if you're passing blood - get straight to the docs!

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