I have headaches every day... is that normal? Should I worry?!


I have headaches every day... is that normal? Should I worry?

I want to know if this is normal... Is it a disease or somethin, cuz i looked it up and some people said i should get it checked out. I am only 13, so it couldn't be somethin real bad right? Please post all that you know and i will be forever grateful! Thanks a ton and God bless!


I wouldn't worry but I would tell your doctor about it. They'll probably ask you what seems to make it worse, how bad your headaches are, if they're worse in the morning or the evening, and then go from there. They may take a catscan of your head to make sure there's no cysts or anything but that'll depend on what the rest of their exam shows them. To me it sounds like a problem I had a few years ago and it was allergies, the doctor gave my allergy meds and I was fine. I have another friend who gets headaches all of the time and her doctor gave her a prescription for a vitamin called Feverfew and told her to take Excedrin Migraine. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but go see your doctor so he/she can tell you exactly what's wrong and how to take care of it.

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