How can I get my dad to stop drinking?!


How can I get my dad to stop drinking?

He has been drinking for more than 18 years and I know his liver is probably bad. He also takes a couple viks a day and Tylenol PM at night. I'm sick of him drinking and driving! I always tell him not to drink and drive and ask him when he's going to quit.I don't have a mother anymore and I don't want to loose my father! Please help!!?

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What if he picks the boose Random Acts of Irrev…?

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And what kind of poison could I use without killing him?

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My father says he's a good drunk driver cause he's been driving for many many years and seems to remember a lot when he's drunk, except for the things he's lost the night before (like his keys). And his cars a piece of crap anyways and wouldn't even notice if I scratched it up. I think its a good idea to try and use poison cause he drink a fifth of jack.


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. Sadly, you cannot make your father stop drinking. What you can do is express to him how his drinking affects you. Ask him if you can talk to him when he is sober. Perhaps you could prepare a list of ways his drinking hurts you and a list of reasons why you want him to get help. If you feel comfortable, you could even look up the phone number of some addictions clinics or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in your area and give him that information. Whether or not he decides to go, I'd suggest that you might consider attending AlAnon meetings. These are groups that offer to support to relatives or friends of an alcoholic. Their website is You can find a meeting in your area on there, as well as other resources. No matter what Dad decides, be sure to take care of you.

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