Why do I get bloody noses?!


Why do I get bloody noses?

I'm concerned a tiny bit. I get them occasionally.[ I'm an Asian teen ]
I think it's from the heat or something.
Today I got one. & this morning I had some cepacol spray since my throat was hurting. Last time I had cepacol, I got one too! but it was the tablet. So.. I'd like some educated opinions.
I really hope it's nothing to worry about. It's just so gross ]=



Possible causes: a lot of dust or allergens in the air, or maybe high blood pressure. Blowing/cleaning your nose can cause them. If you wake up with nose bleeds in the morning, you might be picking your nose in your sleep. (People do all kinds of things in their sleep that they don't know about.)

If you have blood vessels close to the surface of your skin, you will get them easily.

Once you get one, it will form a scab inside your nose as it heals, just like a wound on any part of your body. If you dislodge the scab, it will bleed again. If you can find the scab or know about where the bleeding occurred, try keeping a tiny dab of petroleum jelly on the location to help prevent it from coming off.

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