Body temp out of control?!


Body temp out of control?

I am cold almost all the time, but when I sleep my body temp gets sooo hot that I can't sleep in the same spot because I can't stand the heat from my body on the sheets. Also, my boyfriend doesn't understand how I'm always complaining about how cold I am most of the time during the day but at night he can't get too close because he says he can feel the heat from my body. He says its almost like a heater!! LOL...its kind of funny. Is this normal?


Hypothyroid people are cold and Hyperthyroid people are hot. The reason you can be cold during the day can be from hypothyroidism and warm at night can be be from a pillow top mattress. Hormones aside from the thyroid can cause heat at night. Dress comfortably at night and maybe consider having your blood tested with a complete blood count including a tsh

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