How can I wake up eariler after a late night?!


How can I wake up eariler after a late night?

On rare occasions, I am working until 12:00 midnight on some evenings, and have to get up to return to work at 9:00-10:00am the next day. How can I train myself to get up earlier if I don't sleep as long as I should on those nights?


have some kind of clock in your room and set an alarm. that way, the alarm almost forces you to wake up. then, take a shower and make yourself a coffee if you need to. and have something to eat before you go. say, if you set the alarm to 7am, take a shower (should usually take half an hour to 45 mins of not shorter), eat breakfast, get ready, then if you want to, make yourself a strong coffee to keep you woken up all day, you'd be ready by around a quarter past nine, and then you could make your way to work. if you don't want to do it that way, wake up earlier to take a shower and do what you need to do before going to work. and bring a watch if you havent already got one. it is better to arrive to work early than late, and you can't always arrive to work on time because of traffic and other things intervening. once you get used to the alarm thing, things will get easier

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