Does anyone know of a way to avoid waking up with bed head?!

Question: shave it.!

Answers: shave it.!

Shave your head.

LOL out your hair up or if you have short hair clip it up. Its better to do that then regualrly sleep with hair down. Or, ( i know this is stupid ) but a haircap. :)

I accidentally found a helpful solution when I stayed with my parents over the holidays a couple of years ago. My mom had satin pillow cases on the pillows and I noticed that when I woke up, my hair wasn't near the mess it usually is. It doesn't work every time but it works more often than it does when I use normal cotton or cotton blend pillow cases. To try it out without investing much, you can find the satin cases at discount stores. Good luck!

Don't go to bed directly after you take a shower- try to wash your hair in the morning.

Maybe you could use a good conditioner, too.

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