Hard nails?!

Question: what is the best vitaman to take to harden finger nails please

Answers: what is the best vitaman to take to harden finger nails please

I know that bioton (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H) is helpful in strengthening and encouraging nail growth. Any B vitamin will help, but B7 is the best.

Take prenatal vitamins.

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Pastor Dan. J. Zhang

Biotin, a B vitamin, is supposed to be really good. It is found in blackcurrants, blackstrap molasses, cauliflower, lamb's liver, leeks, raw egg yolks and dry rolled oats.
It is also available as a supplement.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and calcium help too.

Eating a cube of uncooked jelly is supposed to be very good for your nails, because gelatin contains collagen.

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