Why would people start to smoke if they already knew its bad for them?!

Question: If people knew it was bad to smoke why would they do it anyways

Answers: If people knew it was bad to smoke why would they do it anyways

why do people do drugs?
why do people drink themselves to oblivion when they know it damages their liver?
why do people drive while talking on the phone?
why do women drive while putting on makeup?

People just don't care! They don't care if they hurt themselves or endanger those around them, so long as they're not inconvenienced!

"cause they don't care or just play dumb.

because they aren.t concerned about the consequences, just instant gratification.......one reason...

Because they want to hurt themselves

every one, knows smoking i bad for you, sometimes its peer pressure, somtimes kids think it makes them cool

peep pressure merdear, peer pressue
I did it, smoked 23 years !!! and just quit.

to be cool

a good reason is because they're young (usually), think it's cool, their parents tell them not to, and they figure that nothing will happen to me.

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