What hurts more? labor or being kicked in the balls?!

Question: i was watching friends and chandler asked that question. i was wondering what hurts more seeing as though no one can experience both.

Answers: i was watching friends and chandler asked that question. i was wondering what hurts more seeing as though no one can experience both.

Being kicked in the balls is pretty uncomfortable, but it is endurable and most guys can still function afterwards...without pain medication.
Some women who try to go through childbirth without medication change their minds part way through (my own wife pulled that one), and most women insist that labor is unendurable.
So I'd have to say labor.

Even most doctors would say that labor hurts worse. The only thing a man can experience that is just as bad as labor is passing a kidney stone.

being kicked in the ball whilst being in labor

getting kicked in the balls hurts....but labor looks like a b*tch id rather be kicked in the nuts personally.

definatly labour!

Labour wins but at the end we have a baby to look forward 2 so it is not so bad.Men will never know how painful childbirth is so a kick in the stones is only the tip of the iceberg for men.

lol i saw this episode tonight to.
i dono, find a transgendered person that goes from female to male?

>>>>>>>>>being kicked in the balls <<<<<<<

both must really suck

i aint got balls but bet it hurts
but being in labour hurts and lasts alot longer

I think we'll never really know, since one person can't ever experience both.

you could, in theory, find someone who has experienced both. sort of. a testicle was an ovary at one time, which is why it hurts in the abdomen, not in the testicles when a guy gets hit there. therefore,i have been told, if a woman has a twisted ovary or if a doctor gets too rough with the ovaries during surgery, she will experience the same pain as a man who gets kicked in the testicles. now, just find a woman who has been in labor and had an injury to her ovary.
i would think the kick, or the ovary injury would hurt more. when you are giving birth you at least get something for your effort. and you get to tell the kid how long you were in labor for the rest of his life.

Ahh, one of those questions that can never be answered. Besides the obvious, pain is a very subjective, personal thing. People respond very differently.
" A question for the ages"

labor because that takes hours most of the time and i think that when men get kicked in the balls it will hurt but it wont hurt for hours on end. (also women are pushing a person out of them)

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