Sharp pain in stomache due to sleep deprivation?!

Question: Sharp pain in stomache due to sleep deprivation!?
When I am up for too long, more than like 20 hours, I get really sharp pain in my stomache, is that normal!? Its a sign my body gives me that I need sleep, I think!. Is that true with anyone else or is that just me!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

You shouldn't deprive yourself of sleep,!.!.!.that's what everyone will tell you, of course!. If you need to sleep and can't, take an over the counter sleeping med!. Just don't take it too long!. Your body clock is screwed up!.

Yeah, you're gonna get stomach pains!.!.SHARP!.'specially if you are putting your body in the same position regularly!.

It hurts to the point that you can't stand up straight, right!? Moving around isn't fun either!?

You're gonna hate this answer, but I've had a similar problem!. It could be gas caught up in your intestines that smash on your ovaries and back up to your stomach!. If you can't get relief by lying flat on your back, with knees bent (not sex)!. Try a hot (really hot bath)!.

Then you better see the doc!. Your appendix might be screaming at you! The appendix is on the left side of your belly!. Better check it out if you can't kick it real soon!.

Cheers and good luck, chickie!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I get stomach and chest pains if I am up over 20 hours!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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