I know you cant tell me exactly what can be wrong but what are the possibilites?!

Question: I know you cant tell me exactly what can be wrong but what are the possibilites!?
i have a problem with my back!. it started 7 years ago after a skiing accident
i was skiing when i was hit from behind!. i was fine at the time but the next day could barely walk!. the local gp gave me 2 injections in the base of my spine and told me to go back in a few days or xrays, i couldnt afford them so never went back!.
in the last 7 years i have suffered mild backache for about 3 days every 2 months!. however in the last 6 months it has got progressivley worse!.
in the last 6 weeks, i have been doing normal things when my back has given way 3 times and i have fallen over!. i have also been experiencing pain in my neck when i turn it!.
the pain is constant and can be a mild ache to severe aching and stabbing apins and difficulty in walking!. my gp is unsymapthetic and i am waiting till i move house in 3 weeks to ask a new one for advice!. any ideas what it might be!? trapped nerve!? tissue damage etc anyone had anything similar!. at worst what could it be and what would treatment be!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

My GP was the same!. He just brushed me off that I needed to lose weight!. Luckily my cousin, a consultant abroad, told me to go back to the GP and insist on second opinion!. A GP is just a GP!. He cannot refuse you medical treatment under the NHS!. I was then referred to a neurologist who then sent me to Queen Square!. After X-ray and MRI scan, the consultant there recomended surgery on my spine!. I asked about alternatives and he categorically not to seek chiropractic as they do not know exactly where is the problem on the spine!. They would be like treating me "blind" and might make the situation worse!.
I would suggest you to get a second opinion first!. If it turns out that the damage is not too serious; then may be chiropractic is sufficient!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

From the sound of it, if your back is causing that much pain, you really do need to go back and see a doctor!. It could be something much more serious than a trapped nerve!. Where your back is concerned, you can never be too careful!.

Just keep pestering your doctor until he is forced to do something about it!. You only get one back!. Don't waste it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

my advice would be see a chiropractor / osteopath , i damaged my back through " standing up " would you believe ,
i took strong pain killers which helped me get home was taken to hospital and was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had the reason being that i thought wouldn't walk again , anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers got me home but next day i see a chiropractor who worked on my back and neck and sorted the problem over a few sessions,
you will find as explained to me what damage you do to your back over the years and there fore needs maintenance occasionaly it is worth seeing one trust meWww@Answer-Health@Com

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