How come my stomach hurts soo bad in the morning?this has been happening for 2 y!

Question: How come my stomach hurts soo bad in the morning!?this has been happening for 2 years now!.!?
every day, i wake up and my stomach starts to hurt sooo bad, so i go 2 the bathroom!.
and then later on in school, my stomach starts to hurt badly again, but i dont go to the bathroom because they dont let us and the pain goes away in like 20 minutes!.

hmm!.every (weekday)i eat noting for breakfeast or else my stomach will hurt even worse that i will puke soo much, lunch i eat usually a blueberrie slushie and a slice of pizza or a small bag of 100 calorie hot cheetoes!.
and on weekends whatever there is in the refrigerator!.
why does my tummy hurt so mucH!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

This definitely sounds like a problem related to your diet!. You need to eat a more balanced diet which contains roughage and drink plenty of water!. I suggest that in your next school holidays you start out by trying to improve your diet!. Have some bran cereal or museli for breakfast with milk!. For lunch try a tuna salad with some brown bread and for dinner some form of protein (meat or fish) with vegetables!. Also try to eat two to three pieces of fruit a day!. Try to get your stomach into some sort of normal eating routine!. In the meantime try replacing the things you are eating at lunch with a sandwich and fruit!. If this doesn't improve things keep a diary of what you eat each day for two weeks and ask your Mum to take you to the doctor and take the food diary with you!. Good Luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

im no expert but i would defenitly say its your diet!. my girlfriend experienced (and sometimes still does) the same problem!.!.!.she use to never eat breakfast, have a tiny lunch (like a chocolate bar or just a drink) and then eat a bit after school!. she always had stomach aches and no energy!. now she tries her best to eat something for breakfast!.!.even if its small (like a yogurt), take vitamins and have something decent for lunch (croissant, fruit juice, apple, etc) and it seems to help!. if it dosent get better, maybe see a doctor!. perhaps they can help you (you could be low in something!.!.!.like iron or something i dunno :P)
good luck! i know it sucks!Www@Answer-Health@Com

sounds like a bad diet!.maybe u ruined your stomach lining!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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