Muscle Help?!

Question: Muscle Help!?
i pulled my muscle when i was not warmed up because i came late to the game and the coach needed me to go in quick because the rest of the players did not come so it was a 11 on 8 game and i was the only defense there and the only on the team, but i tried chasing this guy down and i pulled my muscle and couldn't run anymore and then today i have a game and it hurts when i walk a little but i still feel like it is pulling what can i do to help it while im playing!? it hurts some when i run and i can't run it's going to be another 11 on 8 game because the rest of the team has exams so yea!.!. i have to cover up for the defense!.!.!. anyone know what i can do!?

someone told me to kick the ball far so that i was time while they get the ball although the coaches have extra balls so in case a ball goes to far!.!.!.so i don't know what to do!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

okay, well, I'm a cheerleader, and if you have ever seen the kind of splits and stuff cheerleaders do, you should know we sprain and pull stuff all the time, especially in our legs!. My advice is to ice it for a while, and then stretch it out!. What happens when you pull a muscle is the muscle that you pulled has been over worked and begins to swell!. The ice will reduce the swelling, but you HAVE to keep it on for at lest an hour!. The stretching will relieve tension in your legs!. If it still hurts after that, and make sure you do it RIGHT, you can run over to walgreens or CVS or whatever and get some over the counter creams and stuff that should help you while you play!. Good luck at the game!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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