I wore a heavy backpack with 3 text books everyday and my back hurts when I sit.!

Question: I wore a heavy backpack with 3 text books everyday and my back hurts when I sit!.!.!.!?
Or even when I am sitting on a backless chair and have to support my own back to the point where I jus have to lay down for a while for some relief!. Is there anything I can do!?

you need to see a doctor if it keeps hurting!. it seems you've really strained your spine and shoulders!.
either use a wheeled bag or divide up your books into two bags!. !.!.but the wheeled bag is a better option!. use your locker at school!. don't carry your textbooks everyday!.
take a painkiller (advil or ibuprofen - make sure you eat first before taking it!. i'll give you ulcers if you take these things without food in your stomach)
use one of those over the counter menthol cremes or salonpas or one of those heat patches!. it'll help along with the painkillers!.
when you're lying down, make sure you have a pillow under your knees to ease the pressure on your spine!. if it hurts too much and you want to sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees (also to keep the spine straight)!.
but those are only temporary fixes!.
seriously, if the pain goes on longer than a couple of days and especially if it gets worse, please see a doctor!. your spine isn't something to mess with!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

When I was in high school, I was small framed and had to carry a pile of books around with me, also!. Go see your Primary Care doctor!. My mother tried elastic braces and a Chiropractor, but it wasn't enough to help my spine!. You need a real doctor!. I ended up with a bad curved spine!. Beg your mother to take you to a real doctor, or it may get worse on you!. And, see if the school will let you use text books kept in each classroom for you!. And, if your mother can afford to buy some of your books might help, also, for homework use!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

you got to rest your back to get it back, you may have to see a doctor or at least the school nurse!.
taking a tyenol has muscle relaxant in it, i dont take that stuff, but make exception for this, dont get dependent on it!.
when you sit use a chair with a back and put a book back there where it hurts!.
talk to your school counselor
if you dont have a locker or home room desk, carry your books on your chest, picking them up carefully no twisting!.

about the books, if not needed in class leave them home, after 2 good back days, put one in your back pack, if it starts hurting back to carry again!.

David in Jesus help from above the best friend who never turns his back on us John chapters 3 and 10Www@Answer-Health@Com

Your back hurts because it's not strong enough to support something as heavy as the bag or even itself, so start working out a little and strengthen the muscles in your back!.
It'll be sore at first, but it's definitely worth it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

What i do is go to a spa or just take a really long relaxing nap on your back!. and to prevent it i think you should buy roller packback,messenger bag or just hold the books with you hand!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

get a "tote"
there less nerdy then roller back packs
but its kinda lyke a purse!.!.!.
c a doctorWww@Answer-Health@Com

get a roller backpack or just stop carrying so many god damn text booksWww@Answer-Health@Com

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