Please help?!?!?!


Please help?!?!?

i had a bloody stool today and i've been having some pains in my lower abdomen when i walk. the blood was in little clumps and i'm really getting worried. wut is it and wut should i do


Don't let this lot scare you, just go the Doctor and tell him/her whats happening. The Doctor might need a stool and urine sample and he'll probably examine you and do some blood tests. This problem could be caused by many things, some sort of bowel inflammation or probably even something as simple as burst piles, you can get clots and abdominal discomfort with those. If the blood is bright red then that tends to be a problem with the bottom end of the abdomen e.g. piles or the bowel, very dark almost blackish blood tends to point to problems with the upper part e.g. the stomach.
I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry as it's more than likely due to burst piles ( I get it regularly worst luck). The sooner you go to the Doctor and get a diagnosis the better, then he'll be able to sort out whatever it as and put your mind at rest. (When you do go to the loo next to use your bowels try not to strain too!) Well all the best, take care x

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