18 living on my own and no medical insurance...?!


18 living on my own and no medical insurance...?

I've been looking at every medical website I can think of and I can't figure out whats wrong with me. I have a fever, headace, sore throat, and infection in both my eyes it seems, and small itchy bumps under my skin all over my arms/neck/legs. If I absolutely have to go to the hospital I will. But the bill would be on me. I highly doubt my parents would help. I just recently moved here to Cali so I don't have a job atm and I haven't started college yet. So I understand how important medical insurance is and I would have it. But I got unlucky and got sick before I got the chance. So I'm just trying to decide if I should just go to the hospital and slowly pay the bill whenever I can or if its not that serious. I'm mostly worried about having that bill when I'm trying to get my student loans. I'm not sure if it would keep me from doing so. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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1 week ago
Thanks for all the help guys. I really didn't expect anyone to reply. I think I'll give it another day or two before I go see a doctor. Unless it gets worse, I'll go asap.


go to a clinic, there cheap or free, depends on how much you make, you make nothing so probaly almost free. also if you give me your zip code city and state, well you said cali, i could help you find one. just e-mail me at johns_girl_trin@yahoo.com
but you really need to go to some kind of doctor, any kind of bumps isn't good! get well soon

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