Any one who's had or noes someone who's had there ears pinned back?!


Any one who's had or noes someone who's had there ears pinned back?

im getting my ears pinned back 8 days before my 21st and want to kno if i will be right for my party and wats the pain factor


hey I wouldnt suggest it at all. unless you having it done by laser. If you are having the traditional surgical otoplasty you wont be right for your party!

Recovery times do vary from one patient to the next although in general recovery is rapid. Upon discharge you will have a head bandage which will need to be worn for up to 1-2 weeks and will need to rest for this period of time. Post-operative pain after the first 24-48 hours should be minimal and if pain persists the surgeon should be consulted. It is also usual for the ears to be slightly swollen and bruised when the bandages are first removed although this should return to normal over the next couple of weeks.

Most patients are able to return to school or work in one week but should avoid sport and strenuous exercise for up to 6-8 weeks. Due to the nature of some playground activities, parents will need to take special care of children who have recently undergone the procedure to ensure appropriate healing time and to minimise any potential complications.

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