I jumped over a fence& i landed fine. now i feel strong pains in my knee cou!


I jumped over a fence& i landed fine. now i feel strong pains in my knee could this be due to a torn ligament?

the pain in mainly in the back of my knee, but the pain exceeds from there and when i walk or straighten out my leg, i feel A LOT more pain. im 14 years old. and i todl my parents and they said ill be fine. my sister has torn her ligament before about five years ago. she had to get surgery to fix it because the tear was severe.

what should i do? should i wait to see if it heals on its own? should i limit my walking?!

someone please help!!


you know when you tear a knee ligament. there's no guessing about it. the pain is pretty intense. the area swells several times its normal size and most of your leg turns into a giant bruise. not only does it hurt to walk, but you have no stability in the joint so your knee can bend the wrong way. it sounds like you sprained your knee. you're going to want to kick back, put your leg up, apply an ice pack, take some otc nsaids (motrin, advil) and wrap it up. that should do the trick. if it doesn't seem to be getting better or the pain becomes unmanageable, go see your dr.

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