Where does scar tissue go?!


Where does scar tissue go?

I had a broken ankle. The bone has healed, but I have a lot of scar tissue. It prevents my ankle from bending properly. Everyday it swells and when I massage it aggressively I have more range of motion. Is the scar tissue broken down by the body?


Deep scar tissue may not disappear, but stretching and manipulation can release the surrounding tissue or break up some large scars so that you have a larger range of motion and less pain.

Experiencing pain in a heavily scarred weight bearing extremity is quite common and is usually the result of healthy tissue providing support or motion beyond its normal level or pinching caused by the scars. Strengthening exercises and work on stability can be extremely useful in a situation such as yours.

If you are unable to reach an expected level of function through non-invasive methods it may be possible to have surgery to break up the scar tissue. This is generally thought of as the last therapeutic option because most operations will create additional scarring. You may benefit from ultrasound therapy.

Consult your physician and accept the fact that recovery can take months, if not years.

You may also need to slow down or rest your foot. It's possible that you could benefit from temporary immobilization.

I hope your pain improves, keep working at it and try to see your physician.

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