Shoulder problem?!?!


Shoulder problem?!?

Well the reason why it hurts is because i am a baseball pitcher. I throw fairly hard but never had any pain ever. But i now feel like the joint in my shoulder is tight or how it feels after the shoulder dislocated. I know it cant be a muscle because my rotator cuff is very very strong. It hurts when i lift it up and it hurts like in the joint area. I stopped pitching but what can i do to help it heal up?

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2 weeks ago
the reason why my muscle is strong is because i had physical therapy. I can still pitch and throw the ball hard just at a certain spot when i left it feels weird

2 weeks ago
i think its the ball and socket joint. No muscle hurts i can feel it and bengay has no effect to cure the pain and i know it is the ball and socket.


For the pain over the counter anti-inflammatory would work, but for the healing, it would really depend on what's really injured. If is a torn ligament, only surgery can actually repair it. Is not going to get better, what I mean is the tear will only get worse and the pain too limiting your range of motion (ROM) in the long run. More likely requiring surgery anyways, to clean out the joint from the scar tissue that has formed causing the pain and the decreased ROM

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