Brain Aneurysm??!


Brain Aneurysm??

I just was wondering for someone who has survived through a Brain Aneurysm what does the head ache feel like? I'm fine when sitting up, I just feel a dull headache but the second i lie down it hurts only on the right side like a pretty bad head ache, I wouldn't say severe, But i just wanted something to compare this too, Because i know i am a hypocondriact and i hate going to the ER everytime i think something is wrong with me.


Do you have a family physician you can discuss your concerns
with, rather than going to an emergency room each time you have a health concern?
I would never want to tell anyone that they do or do not have
something as serious as an aneurysm (or a stroke or heart attack, anything like that)---symptoms can vary from one person to another.
However, if you really believe you have something so serious,
wouldn't it be best to go to a doctor and see what she/he
finds on examination and a thorough medical history?

If you feel you have some hypochondriacal issues, then you could discuss this with your doctor as well so you can sort
through what is based on reality and what is anxiety related.
Perhaps if hypochondriasis is an issue, you can seek some
counseling to get to the heart of the problem and hopefully
resolve it.

In addition, a good physician could also help you to assess
what symptoms require an emergency room visit and which ones can be dealt with on a regular office visit with your

One good bit of advice however---it is not wise to ignore
symptoms. If something is concerning you, then have
a doctor give you an opinion.

Wishing you all the best

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