I just smoked a cigar for the first time and feel sick.?!


I just smoked a cigar for the first time and feel sick.?

I am 18 and just smoked my first cigar. I was doing fine for about 20 minutes, but after a while I got extremely dizzy, week, and started to feel nauseous. It has been about a half hour and I still feel like puking. I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash to get the taste out of my mouth, but the symptoms remain. Is this normal for a first time? If not, should I see a doctor? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


No need to worry, you probably either inhaled your cigar or you picked a cigar that is too strong for you. You were probably feeling dizzy because you did not have enough food in your system to observe the nicotine effects. You want to smoke a cigar after a meal so you wont feel weak from the nicotine. Make sure if you plan on smoking another cigar, ask your local cigar store to recommend a mild cigar like a Macanudo or Montecristo. Make sure to take you time smoking a cigar. Cigars were meant to be puffed on slowly.

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