Ok yah plezz read / wats wronge with me in the last..............?!


Ok yah plezz read / wats wronge with me in the last..............?

4 days around 96 hours i have only sleept bout 10 hours what could be wronge with he cause im never tired & have been doin everythin normaly like 2day i swan(i mean laps & stuff) 5 hours & more the other 2 days

help plezzzzzzz cause this iz weired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 weeks ago
pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i have taken 5 sleeping pills over 3 hours.
it did NOTHING!!!
i had turkey/warm milk/tea nothing..

this is day 5 120 hours yah im goin MMMAAADDDDDDDD with only 14 hours of sleeepppppppppp


(b 4 i do something i wish have not in da long run.........)


do you try and fall asleep? talk to your doctor. he may recommend a sleep specialist.

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