I'm so tired today..?!


I'm so tired today..?

I've been having trouble sleeping this whole week, what's a good way to have a good night sleep right through? and does anyone know of something i can do to feel more alive today?


Get some good exercise - preferably morning or early arvo - avoid closer to bed time.
Don't eat close to bed time
Reserve the bed for sleeping (and intimacy), don't get in bed to read or watch TV - do that in the lounge.
Try and set regular bed times/wake times.
Have a good look at the things in your life this week as opposed to other weeks (assuming you sleep well in other weeks) - if there are stress factors, this will certainly interfere with a good rest.
As far as feeling more alive - get up early and go for a jog or cycle - early excercise helps wake you and energise you.
Drink plenty of water and make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and veges.

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