Back and neck PAIN???!


Back and neck PAIN???

I have had bad back and neck pain for atleast 4 months...i don't know how it started but it is in my mid back and i can feel pain between my shoulder blade on the right side of my back...if i turn my body to the left, it is very painful; therefore i must keep turning it to the right...when i do this, i keep hearing my back pop and feel a pain in my right set of for my neck, it also hurts if i turn it to the left, so i keep turning it to the right and hear it "pop"...i cannot sleep with my head turned towards the has to be to the right........i would appreciate any advise and info....thank you.


your problem sound like the tissue is affecting your joint mobility and alignment.

at one clinic in which i am an intern, we treat musculoskeletal issues like this all the time, mostly in just one or two treatments, fewer the better. we do this by not just mobilizing the joints in the proper vectors, but the key is the soft tissue work that allows for the bones to sit in the correct place without tension or strain of the surrounding tendon, ligament and muscular stuctures.

i would recommend that you see someone like my instructor, who is a tui-na specialist, acupuncturist and martial arts sifu. if someone like that is not available, find a chiropractor who also does soft tissue work. if you cant find such a person still, go get a massage in those areas to loosen the soft tissue and then get a gentle chiropractic adjustment afterwards (there are such things, not all chiropractors use hard jerky movments to perform adjustments). if you have not had an xray, you might want to have that done and bring it with you.

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