How can i cure my hand's skin ?!


How can i cure my hand's skin ?

this problem of mine was still when i was a grade 1.

now im 2nd year high school,

i can't still resolve my problem.

how can i cure this ? it looks like littile dots or warts,
but i got it from the hand sanitizer "safeguard"

how can i resolve this ? please help!

oh, even my foot's ankle had , both foot X_X

please . . .

oh by the way i use dr kaufmann/kaufman soap and i put nizoral cream, and i put moisturizing lotion(lotion is only last day) jegens. thnks X_X


Keep your hands clean and dry. Stop using what ever is irritation your skin. Start using Keri lotion, and schedule a visit to your dermatologist.

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