I have had what I thought to be heartburn for the last 5 days. It won't go away!


I have had what I thought to be heartburn for the last 5 days. It won't go away. Can it last this long?

I've had heartburn before and know what it feels like. This feels like heartburn that won't leave. It's a burning sensation and pain that peaks when I breathe heavily. It's located just below and to the right of my sternum. It seems that if I'm distracted at work or am really involved with something else I don't notice the pain, but when I am at rest or not doing much it flares up again. I know this is not normal for heartburn, but I have no clue what else it could be. Thanks.


I've been dealing with heartburn/acid reflux for about 28 years. I guess five days isn't that bad when you look at the big picture.
Does it hurt more when you lay down or bend over? If so this is caused by your upper esophogeal sphincter not closing completely and letting your stomach acid reach your esophogus. In the long run this could cause scarring and other problems.
If it's not that bad, you could get some Zantac and see if the condition improves. It's the best OTC medication for heartburn period. You could also get some maximum strength Mylanta for instant relief since the Zantac has to work its way into your system.
If none of this helps after a week, go to a good GI (gastro intestinal) doc. They will probably prescribe Nexium or some other proton pump inhibitor to reduce the amount of stomach acid your body produces.
I really hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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