So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?!


So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?

Well my side started hurting so I garbed a bottle of pain relievers and swallowed 5 of them. So now I'm reading the bottle and it says "do not exceeded 2 caplets within an 8-10 hour period" and d"do not take more than 3 caplets within 24 hours" so um is that bad, cause I'm thinking it is.

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2 weeks ago
it was just asprin, and yeah I'm getting a two sided answer and I can't desside which is right. I mean my teenaged way of finding out which is right would be trusting the people with the pretty avatars. but I know that won't help, so someone who knows, and isn't guessing please answer

2 weeks ago
no I don't feel giddy, I'm sick cause i'm drinking lots of water and I'm shivering, I'm think that might be from being in underwear, and I'm sleepy but I have been up since 4pm... I want to go to bed, but first I should find out if I just killed my insides

2 weeks ago
oh and to top it off I also only weigh 97 lbs (I'm nots a little kid or anythin I'm 15 ok)


My mom is an RN, I'm a chronic pain patient, and I have made it my mission to study and research medications ever since I started having chronic pain 5 years ago. I have more books about medications, the PDR and other reference guides, than I can count. I can promise you that the information I'm giving you is accurate, so pay attention even if you don't think I have a pretty avatar. :)

If it's only aspirin, the worst thing that's going to ahppen to you is that you're going to get a really bad case of acid refulx. Don't lie down for 30 mintues after taking the aspirin and that should help with the reflux. That's what the warning is trying to protect you from, the aspirin eating away your stomach lining and causing a bleeding ulcer. OTC medications usually are a lower dose than what a prescription dose would be. For example, the Aleve bottle I have says do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24 hour period, but a prescription dose of Anaprox (the prescription version of Aleve) is 650 mgs twice a day, which is 3 Aleve twice a day. A prescription strength dose of Advil is 800 mgs every 6 hours, which adds up to 4 over the counter advil 4 times a day. The only exception to this is Tylenol. You should NEVER take more than 4000 mgs (4 grams) of Tylenol a day, and you shouldn;t take a high dose for several days in a row. It will kill you by damaging your liver. But with aspirin, you'll be fine, just don't make a habit of it or you'll wind up with a bleeding ulcer.

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