Difficulty sleeping, getting to sleep and staying asleep?!


Difficulty sleeping, getting to sleep and staying asleep?

my boyfriend has a significant amount of trouble falling asleep and says that it often can take him up to two hours to fall asleep. in addition, he often has rather restless sleep which may or may not include fairly vivid dreams or waking up in the middle of the night. in addition, he says that sometimes when he even does get a full night's amount of sleep he will wake up still feeling tired. so, i was wondering what may be the cause of this inability and what if anything can be done to ease its affects (preferably through natural means, i.e. no prescriptions)?


Stimulus control.
Dont let your boyfriend go to bed unless he is really tired and want to sleep. This will make him associate bed with sleep.

Other means:
- warm milk
- no heavy meals before bed
- no exercise before bed
- no bright or noisy object in the room i.e. clock ....
- moderate amount of alcohol, but this increases wakefullness during the second half of the night
- he can practice meditation i.e. yoga .... practice it before bed

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