How can I get to sleep at a decent hour?!


How can I get to sleep at a decent hour?

well, I would like to get to bed a decent hour every night but i always end up being up really late, i just cant get myself to fall asleep.

does anyway have any tips on getting to sleep at a decent hour?


ask yourself when you are feeling the most sleepy.even if it is at 8pm or even at 6pm.then by all means ,get comfortable ,get into bed and sleep!my older brother has the same problem too.he feels very sleepy around he now sleeps at about that time.sometimes when he is really tired ,he sleeps till morning but normally he will wake up around he started jogging early and goes to work early has been 5 years and it is doing him good.not only he sleeps better.he lost some weight too = )
another important factor in making you sleep better is to make your bedroom the most comfortable computer.just a good bed with a good mattress.fluffy but firm pillows...
good luck

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