Ok i put somethin up like 5 hours ago bit i need more help & FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok i put somethin up like 5 hours ago bit i need more help & FAST!!!!!!!!!!!?

i cant sleep every thing that makes some1 sleepy is keeping me up
i put this up like 45mins ago
tell me if u have any ideas i will gratefull for ever cause my arm r getting num or w/e just pplleezz HELP

pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i have taken 5 sleeping pills over 3 hours.
it did NOTHING!!!
i had turkey/warm milk/tea nothing..

this is day 5 120 hours yah im goin MMMAAADDDDDDDD with only 14 hours of sleeepppppppppp

(now this iz the first thing i put up on the other1 /im not crazy they just waz copyed and pasted this way so0o i could tell u wats goin on)

Ok yah plezz read / wats wronge with me in the last..............?
4 days around 96 hours i have only sleept bout 10 hours what could be wronge with he cause im never tired & have been doin everythin normaly like 2day i swan(i mean laps & stuff) 5 hours & more the other 2 days

help plezzzzzzz cause this iz weired!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additional Details

2 weeks ago
one more thing im singin song in my head that i have not hurd in like 2 years & stuff & i no EVERY word & its freaking me out

im scared i just sang a song in my head i have NEVER heard or rememder hearing

ohh & some 80's song & in 16 so0o yah figur that out



At this point you need to go see a doctor. Being up so long with no sleep can cause sleep induced psychosis. Your doctor can put you on Ambien or some of the other non-addictive sleep aids that work much better than over the counter sleep meds. Please do not take anymore OTC meds and contact your doctor for help. Sometimes our sleep cycles get out of whack due to stress, diet, work, etc. and doctors are there to help you out.

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