After a blood test is your arm meant to hurt??!


After a blood test is your arm meant to hurt??

I got a blood test this morning and my arm is in serious pain and i dont know was my first blood test and i had four different samples taken, now almost 4 hours later my arm is still in severe pain...although it didnt hurt when i got it done. Im worried that something is wrong...or is this just the norm??


The phlebotomist may have been unskilled resulting in bruising. This is often the source of pain. Many clinics now use specialized phlebotomists instead of doctors. My experience with them is they are all horrid, clumsy, and make painful mistakes.

The reason hospitals and clinics use phlebotomists rather than doctors is to reduce the work load of doctors and to prevent doctors from being sued.

This is just one more example of the medical health care crisis in America. They outsource as much "busy work" as possible and insulate themselves from legal action by placing numerous corporate veils between the deep pockets of the corporation and the poorly treated patient.

If your pain does not diminish soon ( within 24 hours) go to the clinic or hospital where the work was done. Show them your problem and demand treatment. Get documentation on what procedures were done and who did them.

If your seemingly small problem becomes more serious, and it can, you will need to prove that you did everything in your power to prevent it. You will also need to have as much information as possible to sue if you have to.

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