Ive Given Up Smoking?!


Ive Given Up Smoking?


I decided to take the plunge yesterday and go *** free.. I put a patch on and found I never got any cravings all day.. Now the problem is today I am finding it a bit harder as work is not very busy.. I refuse to give in, still have my patch on, not craving just fancy one to pass the time.

All words of widom and incoragment welcome at this stage to help me through..

Thanks in advance guys :-)


I decided to give up last week after 25 years of 20-30 per day.

So far it's been a little easier than I thought but I have to say I couldn't have got through this first week without the patches, gum for those `emergencies` and even a fake plastic cigarette to help my need of having to hold something between my fingers!

Whatever works best for you is the way to go but don't underestimate the patches - you don't know they are there but they are doing a top job in the background!

Boiled sweets or lollies work for some but my advise is to just remember why you are doing it and fight the urge.

The first 24 hours I found the hardest - kept telling myself I could give up tomorrow instead or just cut down rather than give up but stick at it - it's no walk in the park but I can feel some benefits already. It seems that I had forgotton what cheese taste like for example!

Keep yourself busy - use a placebo if you need to such as a biro or lollipop and try to keep your mind active.

best of luck to you - you've done the hard bit, just stick to your guns and before you know it, you'll never know why you smoked at all :)

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