Can a doctor not give you your Xrays?!


Can a doctor not give you your Xrays?

I asked my Chiropracters Secretary today for my oringinal Xray to take with me to the NeuroSurgeon on Friday. She told me that they dont give out the Xrays, that they would give me the reports.........can they refuse to give it me?

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2 weeks ago
I am a self pay patient. I do have a small balance since Ive been seeing him for a bulging disc in my neck..that he may have created. And I pay it when I receive the bill, so I am not one to stiff them and they know it.

2 weeks ago
When I went in to get the records and xray they told me that they only transfer them to the doctors offices. They apparently dont trust their patients to hand deliver them!! Only way my surgeon can get it, is if he calls to request it, the chiropractor will then MAIL it to basically the surgeon will get the xray a week after my surgery!!

Thanks to all that answered!!


They can only hold them if you haven't paid your bill and only in some states. Most places are happy to actually ship them to your other doctor for you by courier or next-day mail, so yeah, you need to remind them of your patient's rights.

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