I have a terrible pain in my stomache !!!"! help me?!


I have a terrible pain in my stomache !!!"! help me?

( it is monday nyt )
it started on saturday at about 11am, i had pains in my stomach that felt like REALLY bad period pains, then as the minuites went on the pain slowly got worse, at about 2pm that day i was sick, then i carried on being sick all of that day with the pain getting worse and worse, it felt like some one was stabbing me or i had broken a rib etc.it was on my ryt side and it felt like sum 1 was squeesing wot eva is dere.wen i woke up on the sunday morning,the pain wasnt there all the tym, just evrytym i moved,took a deep breath or coughed etc.the pain is herendous,i am in aggony,i cry every day it is that bad,it is to the lower part of my stomach and my doc sed ova the fone(cuz i cant walk up to the docz) it SOUNDS like it either appendix or kidney stones etc, but ,my doc is crap and i want a second oppinion, what is it??? please help me!!!!


It looks like a trip to the ER.
This is your second Opinion.

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