Sore LEFT lymph node, and a sore on my tongue. perhaps tonsils too?!


Sore LEFT lymph node, and a sore on my tongue. perhaps tonsils too?

There's a canker-like sore on my tongue, hurts just like one. And I hate it, I can't just smoosh my lip against my teeth and shift the food on the other side of my mouth, the sore is right there, and it sucks bad. But never when I had a canker, have I had one on my tongue or has my lymph node ached like this. And it perplexes me why only one aches. Also, it kind of hurts when I swallow, but not the jagged pain of pharyngitis, just kind of in the back of my throat, kind of...left tonsil area. My right one doesn't hurt, even though I'd expect that one to get infected as it's an enlarged tonsil, more in the way kind of. Aaaanyway, what I think is, canker sore = independent of the lymph ache, which is caused by the infection directly above it in my body, the tonsil. Maybe. What do you all think?


Lymph node tonsil's and tongue not relatd. Your sore lymph node require's a doctor to smear some lab netting bug's, so that it's not contagious to lung's, liver, or organ's, the tongue tongil's,and other work's are just virus, the node's are your life system control mechanism, so you should alway's have a doctor's or lab's check for strep or other serious infection's and the rest can be easily cured', by rest or simple medicine

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