Dog bite and scar on my 3 year old?!


Dog bite and scar on my 3 year old?

My 3 year old daughter got bit by a dog yesterday (a boxer). I am still exhausted. We have been at the hospital all night. We went sent to a children's hospital and they had a plastic surgeon do the repair. She had 30 stiches. It is right on her face. She said since they did such a good job it shouldn't scar that bad, but I am still worried. Any tips on healing and preventing a scar? I looks really bad now, but she said the stiches should fall out in about 1week and I am trying my best to not let her touch it. Thanks!


My daughter had gotten bit in the face by a dog also....I was told to massage her scars and they would fade. That helped some. but there is also an over the counter ointment for scars. Check your local pharmacy. I also hope you filed charges on this dog! I did, and I'm grateful that he couldn't bite other kids like he did mine.

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