Help! My insurance will not pay ANY of my $30,000 surgery bill!!!?!


Help! My insurance will not pay ANY of my $30,000 surgery bill!!!?

I am a full-time college student working part-time and can simply NOT afford this. I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction for chronic sinus infections.

What would you suggest I do?
I have gotten the letter from my insurance denying coverage (along with the invoice showing all the cost). I did not yet receive the bill of $15,000 from my doctor and $15,000 from the hospital. Should I call them and ask them if they can adjust it to a lower level BEFORE I get their bill or wait until I get the bill to see what happens.

This is crazy. I thought this surgery would be $6,000 at the most!


This may be partly the doctors fault...I know when I went in to have my surgery, the doctor had to prove to the insurance company that it was medically nessacary.. If the doctor did not get pre approval for the surgery it then lays on your shoulders..Call the insurance company and appeal the insurance part of it...The insurance companys are suppost to tell you why service is denied in your EOB

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