What is the best home remedy to PREVENT mosquito bites?!


What is the best home remedy to PREVENT mosquito bites?

Preferrably without any chemicals.


B-Complex - 1 pill per day. It seems to work after only a day or two but I start taking it in April just so I'll be in the habit of it by May when they start coming out where I live.

As I understand it, if you take the B-Complex the mosquitos don't like the way your body smells so they won't bite you.

My mother-in-law had problems with mosquitos and her doctor told her this. I started doing it because the repellents make my eyes burn. I have done this for 2 seasons plus this current season so far and have not had a bite in that time. We even had one evening when we were working in our garage getting ready for a yard sale. The door was up because it was hot. The mosquitos were everywhere, they would hover right around my face but they would not land on me. Everyone else looked like they had chicken pox the next day!

I don't know how scientific this is, but it has worked for me and my family who remembers to take it, hopefully it will for you too.

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