How often should I change the bandage on a deep cut on my leg?!


How often should I change the bandage on a deep cut on my leg?

Three days ago I cut myself shaving really deep on the back of my left leg. Because it was with a razor, it's a line of about 4-6 cuts that's a little more than an inch long. It's not still bleeding but I noticed while changing the bandages that the blood has not coagulated at all. The cut doesn't hurt too much, just causing me some mild discomfort and kind of a light "buzz" in my leg. My question is how often should I change the bandage? Is once a day enough?


Once a day unless it gets dirty or bloody, then change it. If is clean then just once a day is enough.
Remember to ALWAYS wash your hands before and after each bandage change, this will minimize the infection risk.
Also every time you uncover it you are exposing yourself to infection, so the less times you do this, the better. That's why you do it only when needed or once a day.
Keep doing this until is closed. Once is closed you can leave it uncovered. While is still open do not soak the cut. So take showers only.
I hope this helps.

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