Has anybody started on methadone for pain management?!


Has anybody started on methadone for pain management?

Has anyone gotten addicted to this medication and started taking more and more of it and using it for the wrong reason? or any other narcotic medication

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2 weeks ago
I was addicted to this myself but have gotten off of it. I am just curious how widespread this problem is among people. It almost destryed my life


I took it for a while along with a bunch of other numerous medications (narcotic and non narcotic) for my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and I never had a problem with with addiction because the medications made me so sick, nausea, headaches, sleepy, dizziness, and other side effects and they only got worse so I decided to quit taking the medications because they didn't even help my pain so luckily I haven't had any problems with addiction. In fact my doctors were vary nervous because after my last spinal cord stimulator surgery I didn't want to slowly wean off of the medications- I just wanted to get rid of them all together all at once, but they wouldn't let me because they were nervous about major withdrawal symptoms, and other problems with doing that type of thing. I'm glad that you were able to get off of the Methadone!

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