22 weeks pregnant and have a question(spider bites)?!


22 weeks pregnant and have a question(spider bites)?

ok i am 22 weeks pregnant and just got over a bad case of poison oak. i went to the docs cuz with being pregnant i have no idea what was safe to usse on it. now yesterday i got bit i am assuming by a spider 3 times. 1 on my right knee 1 on my left ankle and the other on my big toe on my left foot. my knee is swollen and very sore ,itchy and warm to the touch, my ankle is very itchy and sore swollen and warm too but my toe is just red. should i go get it looked at or should i wait it out. my gut says get it checked out but is it going to be a wasted trip like with the poison oak since i can not get anything for that being pregnant. please help me out if you can Thanks....


Spiders emit a very low level toxicity in their bites called "magnomonognia". It is usually harmless to healthy adults, but on a developing fetus the results can be fatal for the baby. Poison Oak, while very annoying, is harmless. In fact, Native Americans who were carrying children used to ingest it in a tea. Poison Oak has great antioxidants in it that boost a childs immunities. In your case however, I would go to the emergency room immediatly and tell them about the spiders. If you can identify them as best you can so that you can tell the doctors what bit you.

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