Really, really bad blister???!


Really, really bad blister???

my roommate went to vegas in some new shoes and basically drank more to forget the pain... so now, shes sitting on the sink and its all purple and black and huge and soaking it in anything she can think of- peroxide, alcohol and salt water... is there a way to numb the pain (and don't say vicodin, its not working) and what else can we do???


For starters, try draining the blister. Sterilize the tip of a needle or pin with a flame until it glows. Hold it while it cools, then prick the side of the blister gently until you see the fluid begin to leak out. Depending on her pain tolerance, you can hasten this draining with a bit of pressure on the top. When it deflates, coat with a layer of triple antibiotic ointment- like Bacitracin or other generic type and cover with a bandage. Now you can try applying ice. Actually, frozen peas work best for this- but the idea is to apply cold items, and peas conform best to odd shapes like heels. Don't remove the skin that made the blister, though- as it's raw new skin beneath it, and it will burn something fierce if you do. Keep the skin intact if at all possible. It made need to be drained again later, if it puffs up again. And keep the foot out of shoes, obviously. Otherwise, your favorite pain reliever is whatever you choose. There's not a magic pill, but if you relieve the pressure of the blister any of it should work.

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