Is something wrong?!


Is something wrong?

my triceps are snapping i can set my arm dont with my palm on the table and i can push down (not really hard) with my hand and my triceps like snap like when u pop ur fingers it sounds a little more like 2-3 fingers popping at the same time it can hurt sometime and sometimes it dont it leaves a pain on my elbow when i extend it or put my elbow bone on a table i am not sure if it matters but i workout plz help me wat should i do?

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2 weeks ago
i meant i can set my arm DOWN sorry a typo lol

2 weeks ago
it seems like it is happening more and more every day and when i dont snap it it gets kinda tight and then i snap it and the tightness goes away and then sometimes it leaves my elbow joint sore


you should ask a docter they know alot about this stuff, some people online arent always right.

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