Sharp pain on right side of rib cage? Help?!


Sharp pain on right side of rib cage? Help?

Posting for a friend who has been having pains for over a month on her right rib cage underneath her breast. The pain is sharp and consistent, she has been feeling constipated, and has had quite a bit of gas. She has anemia so I am wondering if that could factor in to anything. I'm trying to urge her to go to the emergency room but she is being hard headed. Any clue about what this may be so I can inform her of the urgency to address this?


Underneath her breast?? It could just be a cramp, but there is a SEVERE chance that it is more, perhaps a collapsed lung. I've had 6 spontanious collapsed lungs and while yes, laying down may help, there is a high chance that if you don't go to the hospital it can worsen and collapse the other one and you can die.

Get your friend to the ER immediately.

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