Swollen lymph nodes?!


Swollen lymph nodes?

I had a upper respiratory infection and sinusitis in early June and my lymph nodes were a little swollen after and it seemed to go away. The other night, my boyfriend and I got in a little fight and I was crying and stuff and when I woke up yesterday my lymph nodes were swollen again. I took some ibuprofen and it lessened but this morning my lymph nodes are even more swollen and VERY painful. It's hurts under my chin, in my throat, and up towards my ears. I really don't know what to do so if someone could give me some advice on how to lessen the pain that'd be fantastic.

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2 weeks ago
Already had my tonsils and adenoids out :-/


Listen I had that too. Please go into an herbary and get CETRARIA ISLANDICA;
this tea without sugar, first taste maybe unusual but the medicine made me free from doctors chemical weappons. And learn to make Lymph Drenage. In Rhytem of breathing press your thoumb agains that swollen lumphnote and drain them pressing five seconds let open other five seconds and again and again some minutes with care. Stay away that days from fastfood (Therefrom I got it) Got heave dosis penicilline be syringes, but all three months it returned. I started with that tea and i felt much better, the drenage helped me to forget that illness.

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