Im alwaysss tired..whats wrongg!?!


Im alwaysss tired..whats wrongg!?

okayy sooo ive been falling asleep around 12 every night and then id wake up at 10 30 or im getting at least 10 hours of sleep

but still once i wake up and go on with my day im still really tired!

whats wrong withh meeeeee

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2 weeks ago
i exercise 4 times a week for 30 mins and i eat healthy and havent eaten a ton of bad junk food for quite some time now..

Answers: may have to go get a blood test. you may end up having Mono or Epstein Barr ( an early form of mono)...and there isnt a cure for it. But, it remains dormant after three weeks of rest. Thats all you can do for it. The doctor will most likely tell you you're not allowed to go to work, school, or anything like that for at least the three weeks for it to go away. But, you will always have it, but it wont be contagious after the three weeks. But, the bottom line is, rest and it'll be alright.

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