Who on here has been a steady smoker and actually quit?!


Who on here has been a steady smoker and actually quit?

I'm talkin at least 1 to 2 packs a day for at least 4 years.what meds did you use if any?how did you break the habit?thanx


I started smoking as a teenager, smoked for 35 years. Tried to quit in my 30's, before they had any of the products that are now available. I knew it was affecting my health and allergies and wanted to quite before I was 50. Tried all the stuff, on and off, for several years, when I finally decided to use the patch. Had read articles that stated using the patch actually took longer than the package claimed. So, I bought enough of the patches to use for six months, always had water or diet soda nearby to drink, bought sugarless candy, too. I read that the "urge" would last from 3-5 minutes, so having the water, soda and the candy helped get through those few minutes. I removed all ashtrays at home and work. Before I quit, I also started to break the other "habits" associated with my smoking, like smoking while on the phone or smoking in my car. So, I set a "quit" date, and here I am, 7 years later, a former 2 pack a day smoker. Was it hard? You bet! But only that first few months. Once I was off the patch, it went very well. I don't crave them and it never did bother me to be around someone who was smoking. You'll find what works for you if you really want to quit. Now, I can hardly believe I smoked and realize what a "habit" it was! I only wish I had never started to smoke in the first place, and I regret the years I did smoke. Best of luck to you!

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