I got my 2th ear peircing last week......?!


I got my 2th ear peircing last week......?

And now the peircing on my left hurts like he lllllllll whenever I try to turn it or clean it. I think it's because it is too tight. The other one is fine.

Should I try to take it out to make it looser, or would I not be able to get it back in after I took it out.....?

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2 weeks ago
How do I loosen it though?
The stuub in the back is on it tight.
I'm afriad if I tug on it hard the whole earing will come out.



Whatever you do,don't take it out.
It will always be the problem ear.
I did this once,took out the earring,and eventually had to let it close,
cause it was always a problem putting the erring into the ear.
Turn it around,or loosen the back.
Just don't take it out.
It has to heal properly.

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